Thursday, January 07, 2010

Tensile Strength ... Check!

Remember when we were talking about whether Mini Mochi can hold up to wear? The second sock OTN got its first test yesterday ...

About 4 pm I was running late (to get my hair cut, if you must know) and raced out of my office to my car. As I neared the car, I saw something on the ground behind the driver's side and said to myself, "wow, that's really a pretty blue ... it's almost the same color as my Mini ... OMG! That's my Mini Mochi sock!"

There it was on the asphalt parking lot, its faithful HiyaHiya circular still in its magic loopy place. And there was the yarn stretching, stretching, stretching from the ground into the driver's side door, across the driver's side seat, and into its little project bag on the passenger side.

Not a crimp, not a tangle, not a knot. Not a dropped stitch. Not even a snag. Perfect.

It had been there since 7:30 in the morning. I guess everyone who walked past it just thought, "well, there's a half-completed sock lying on the asphalt" and none of them thought to ask whose it was. Well, they should have known whose it was ... it was still connected to the car by that unplied yarn that everyone says is so weak.

Mini Mochi, I love you!

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