Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Best of Intentions

I was determined that I was going to finish the Mini Mochi socks before I cast on anything new. And I swear, my intentions were pure. It wasn't my fault. 

I was working on my list of things that I would really like to make this year ... yes, I know I never make anything but socks, but this year is my Garment Year. I'm determined to wear the Patchwork Jacket to The Mountain in February and I really only have sleeves to go. So, it's looking as if I might actually complete A Garment in 2010.

And that, of course, got my confidence level to the unreasonable point and I started thinking about Cheryl Oberle's Three Sisters Jacket and what would be the perfect yarn and that made me think Malabrigo. At the same time, I was watching some old Tivo'd episodes of "Bones" while I waited for football to start. Anyway, I got online to see who has Malabrigo worsted at what kind of price and the next thing you know ... I pulled out some Malabrigo from the stash and well, it had to be Saroyan.

I've completed four repeats (above is one leaf motif repeat) and it feels so good ... well, I just have to find some Malabrigo for that jacket. 

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