Saturday, January 02, 2010

Oh, You Wanted Details?

Why didn't you say so? 

Here are the Zauberball Crazy socks #1 -- see the tubular cast-off on the left? Perfect, if I do say so!  Just not wearable. 

But perfect!  Here's the completed pair--both wearable on my more ... full-figured ... legs.

And here's Zauberball #2 -- check out the completely different hues of similar Zauberball yarns:

By the way, loving my new camera--a Nikon Coolpix 12 megapixel variety. Two of my grandchildren plus Mr Pug all got cameras, and my own little Kodak 8 megapixel had gone mysteriously missing. Okay, clearly a message from a Higher Power (that would be the Higher Megapixel Power).

Somehow the whole camera/Christmas thing got out of hand. Let's just say that, in my zeal to provide The Perfect Christmas, I bought and returned and bought and returned and bought ... and ended up with an extra camera that either needed to go back to the store or be retained by a person who had lost her Kodak. I caved ... the Nikon would be mine!

Needless to say, the minute I got the Nikon out of the box, read enough of the instructions to be able to take the first picture, and saw the stitch definition I could get with 12 little megas, Kodak reappeared from its hiding place in the middle of a pile of placemats on the kitchen table. 

That, of course, was Jake's fault. If he hadn't been coming for dinner, I wouldn't have checked out that mysterious lump in the placemats until, say, March, and then I wouldn't be feeling guilty right now.  Oh, well ... never hurts to have a backup.

On a slightly different subject, I'm meeting Joyce later so we can pick out buttons for a project you haven't seen ... an actual garment. More details later.

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