Monday, January 11, 2010

First FO of the Year

Okay, now the new year is officially off to a good start. The first pair of socks of the year is finished! Mini Mochi, we love you!

Now, on to Saroyan and Patchwork Jacket.

Oh, wait, you want to know about Saroyan? And what in the world it has to do with "Bones"? 

First off, "Bones." I love, love, love Kathy Reichs' books about Temperance Brennan. They are wonderful mysteries about the anthropologist known as Tempe, who splits her time between Montreal and Charlotte. (This fits into my love for regional mysteries--the kind that make you feel like you're really in the city where the story is set.)

Anyway, the "Bones" TV show doesn't have a whole lot in common with the mysteries except the name of the main character and the fact that Reichs does some of the writing and presumably makes a pile of money from it. But it's an intelligent show and one that stands on its own. It's also full of really strong women and you just can't beat that. It's the perfect show to TIVO and then knit to, preferably with a pug on your lap, if there's no football to watch. (OMG! How about those Arizona Cardinals! Woot!)

But I digress. On Ravelry (how much do we love Ravelry!) I found three wonderful (free!) patterns designed by Liz Abinante for three of the female characters. So, there's a shawl called "Travelling Woman" designed in homage to Angela Montenegro, the artist who works with Tempe. Then there are the "Temperance" socks. Finally, there's "Saroyan," a scarf inspired by Camille Saroyan, a forensic pathologist.

Make sense now? I knew it would.


Hester said...

Yes, I found the BONES patterns also. I want to knit them all - I enjoy watching the show and lets face it, David Boreanaz is very wonderful to look at.

Best - Hester Sturrock

ddknits said...

They look very pretty! Maybe I'll make that Mini Mochi shawl with 2 skeins. After all, we have to knit 10 this year, right?

Woofgangpug said...

Oh, Hester --- I hadn't even noticed that DB is ... well ... HOT! I'm just in it for the yarn. (If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.)