Friday, January 04, 2008

Time to Reassess

Ever heard the expression "time to fish or cut bait"? It basically means that it's time to make a decision, get on with it, just do it, or [insert tired motto here].

I'm getting ready to reassess my current projects and decide which ones stay and go...sort of a combination of Survivor with The Biggest Loser. Some will stay and some...the big losers...will go. Time to get them off the "on stage" list so my guilt ratio will decrease a little. So without further ado, let's see the winners (and those other guys):

First, the losers:

(1) Mary. I hated this thing from the get-go. I've tried--honestly I have--to love it, but I don't. I'm not a cotton person, I don't care if I do live in the South. It's too darned heavy, knit on too big needles, too short to possibly look good on me. (I'm the first to admit that it looks wonderful on Donna (she's tiny) and the version Debra knit in Noro (I think) looks great on her (they're her colors and, after all, it's Noro). But my Mary ... It's gone!

(2) Ambrosia Socks. Love the yarn, might like the pattern if it was in a different yarn, but together ... no.

(3) Crayon Box Jacket. I'm never going to finish it. It's too busy, the yarns are wrong for living in Georgia, and it's full of eyelash yarns. It's a shame because I have a frickin' fortune invested in the yarn, and I collected another whole box of yarn for a second one, but I fear it's a Dead Duck. I still love Chris Bylsma's patterns and this one may be resurrected if I can find a way to make it more me--better choices in yarns and colors, perhaps.

(4) That darn Monica ( Very cute and I planned to make one for Kerrigan and one for Emma. But, again, it's cotton. I hate working with cotton. I need to accept this and get over it.

Now, the Runners-Up. I'm still on the fence about these:

(1) The Debbie Radtke hedgehog. I promised one to Emma and one to Kerrigan and started off well enough. Somewhere along the line, I lost count of the short rows and it's one of those projects that you can't recover from once you do that. But Emma is pressing me, so I guess I just have to start over. Rats! (And other small furry mammals.)

(2) Debbie Bliss gansey for Cooper. I got one seam sewn, remembered that I hate to sew seams, and now I'm not even sure it will fit him, he's growing so fast. We'll see.

I still love these, and I'm GOING to finish them this year, probably not in this order:

(1) Cotton Candy Scarf. I just put this down because it wasn't compelling but it should be an easy finish.

(2) Diamond Vest. Bought this pattern at Maryland Sheep & Wool and I love it--just got off track with it.

(3) Kiri Shawl. Another one that got off the tracks, but I still love it.

(4) Monkey Socks. For some reason, these never even got ON the tracks but I love the yarn and the pattern and I will finish them. I think I need to frog and add a picot edge--maybe that will perk them up.

(5) Fingerless mitts. I've made one mitt out of the four (two pairs) I promised my daughters. I love the Stulpen pattern and will finish them. If only they weren't black ...

And then there are these little guys that I'm making for the granddaughters. Three out of four (two pairs) complete or almost complete, one more to go.

(6) Modern Quilt Wrap. Just started this yesterday. The yarn will forever be known as Kidsilk Hate (I am SO not a fan!) but the colors are gorgeous.

Mind you that what you see above is Squares 1-4. I just frogged #5, and by "frogged" we mean "cut out with scissors because I can't count." So it's not altogether perfect at the moment.

Finally, a new project. I want to knit a stole for my sister to wear to her daughter's wedding in March, actually 85 days away so I better get going. I don't know yet what the pattern will be, but I suspect the yarn will be Jaggerspun Zephyr, maybe in Mushroom.

And, of course, many more projects that exist only in my mind. Scary, huh? More to come.

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Jane said...

I hate to knit with cotton too, and have banished it forevermore from my stash. But I've also started the Modern Quilt Wrap. Hopefully, I'll get it done before next fall, but that's nowhere near certain!