Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Good Start to the Year

I'm happy to report the last FOs of 2007 and the first FO of 2008. Whoo hoo!

The little socks are for the Children in Common December challenge that ended 12/31. I just got them into the mail in time (good thing I got there before the post office closed early yesterday!) They are the Magic 28 pattern, both out of stash yarn. The navy pair is Paton's worsted and the brown and cream pair is Lamb's Pride Worsted.

And, here's 2008: A toddler vest for CIC's January-March challenge--sweaters and vests. This is one skein of Lamb's Pride worsted knit together with some mostly wool unidentified stuff I won in a raffle at a guild meeting. Also from stash.

Now, before I hurt myself patting myself on the back for getting my first 2008 community project done, I need to admit that I was avoiding the job I was supposed to be doing: cleaning out my office. Oh, well...there's always time for that.

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