Sunday, January 06, 2008

Low Tech Meets High Tech

How cute is this?

After months of struggling with finding the right MP3 player to listen to audiobooks, I finally succumbed and bought myself an IPOD Nano.

Why am I always so slow to the table? I guess I'm not an "early adopter" -- all of my grandchildren over the age of 7 have IPODs, most more complex than the one I bought.

So why am I still struggling with figuring out its basic operation? I guess it's generational, but as my friend Joyce said today, I just may not be technical. Fine...I'm not technical.

Okay, here's the thing...this puppy is 2.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide. That means it cost about $32/sq in including tax. And it weighs about 2 ounces. Thus, you put it in your pocket and maybe it's there when next you look for it, and maybe not. Maybe it just slipped out and you didn't even notice. Well, when we say "you," we mean "I."

So here's the little case I knit for it, so I can carry it around my neck and listen to it while I walk, either at home on the treadmill or out in the world. It's not my design...of course, I found it by Googling. Google is my friend. It's called the Nano Necklace and it was designed by Kristi. I just did some simple size adjustments and modified the way the I-cord attached, and bam bam shazam I have an IPOD cover.

Now to download all 6 of the Outlander books....that should keep me walking for quite awhile.


Janice in GA said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of mp3 players. I don't have an Ipod because I'm contrary and like to have something different. I've had 3 players so far. My current one is a Cowon D2, and I LURVE it. But it's not necessarily one for somebody who's uninterested in doing things like manual firmware downloads and stuff like that.

I have a lanyard/earphone combination that I purchase. It's not unusual for me to wear my D2 around my neck all day. But I'm alone a lot, and listen to lots and lots of podcasts, as well as audiobooks.

threadnsong said...

Oooh, you have a Nano pod! I received one last year with my iMac, and I just loooove it. I wear it when I'm working out, and I did notice one thing - after listening twice or thrice a week to my absolute favorite tunes, all jumbled up with other tunes, I became, well, rather tired (dare I say it?) of ELP and Queen. Not the groups necessarily, but I'm used to listening to those two groups on a loop, not jumbled up with Irish folk music or Art Garfunkel or Tracy Chapman. So after about 6 months I found myself switching out what had been my favorite songs to others that were not-quite-as favorite but loaned themselves more to listening on a treadmill.

There's another friend of yours who enjoys the Diana Garbaldon books - you'll probably meet with her at The Mountain and catch up on all the details.

Enjoy your new toy!