Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sedona Snow No-Show

Last week, all I heard from my friends in Atlanta, and from Mr. Pug, who had to drive from Sedona to Atlanta, was snow. People who don't own a snow boot or a pair of warm gloves were kvetching their little hearts out about snow.

I, on the other hand, love snow. How could it be snowing in Atlanta and not in Sedona? It's January, for heaven's sake! Then, good news: Snow was predicted for Sedona. I rushed down to the Nine West outlet store in Oak Creek Village and bought a pair of boots. (In the interests of full disclosure, my sister and I bought four pairs of boots. Oh, shut up! They had a great sale, the boots were HOT, and I'm sure I'll wear one of my three pairs somewhere! Sometime!)

Snow? Nah.

Well, there was a little snow in Flagstaff (it's mostly already in piles in the shopping center), and the clouds completely obscured the mountains, but no snow in Sedona. About an hour after we left Flagstaff on Sunday, the police closed Oak Creek Canyon because of icy roads and it remained closed for much of the next day. But snow in Sedona? Nope!

Okay, there were a couple of flakes yesterday, and there's still a little snow on top of the mountains, but that's it. Sorry, Atlanta--I would gladly have taken a little snow for you. Poot!

Anyway, it continues to be crisp but really lovely (and really clear) here in the frozen West. In fact, I was going to drive down to Phoenix the day before yesterday but, because snow was predicted, I stayed closer to home. I drove in the other direction to Cottonwood and explored the town's historic district. I can't say I saw any incredible historic sights but I did see someone walking by the side of the road that got my attention. You just gotta love an area where the word "peacock" refers to something other than a lace shawl pattern.

But no snow. These guys were probably hanging out getting a tan.

I keep thinking that people who live here probably get used to the scenery. I can't imagine that it really happens, but maybe it does. For me, however, driving back from Cottonwood I couldn't resist photographing a few more rocks. This one is particularly stunning.

Now down to brass tacks. The knitting. What knitting, you say? In fact, when my friends called me from the Noble Knitters meeting last night, Ellen asked "so, how's Hanami coming?"

Well, er, uh, it's going very slowly. I'm on repeat 6 of the first chart. At this rate, my sister will be wearing this shawl for her grandchild's high school graduation. Oh, well. For some reason, this basketweave, which I love, is not holding my attention. I knit a few rows, then go read a book, drive around the town, hang out with a peacock, anything to avoid knitting the next row.

And, while I'm slacking in Sedona (sounds like a movie title, doesn't it?), the laceknitters are going crazy in Atlanta. I keep getting emails about Dem Fischer and Spring Shawl Surprise and God only knows what else. There's a new one that I signed up for but I know in my heart I'll never work on it. Which is a bad thing because there seems to be rather a large amount of lace yarn awaiting my attention in Atlanta. Oh, well.

Finally, no job prospects. I thought I had a couple of possibilities earlier in the week, but both positions were filled. Not by me. Today an HR rep in a company I'd really like to work for told me, "oh, my, no, Diana. The position I'm recruiting for is a very junior position and with your superior experience ...." Bottom line, no job.

Better get home and make job-hunting a full-time job instead of part-time. And work on that knitting. No more slacking.

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Anonymous said...

Snow or no snow you must show the snow boots upon arrival in Atl-all of them. Hurry home-yarn awaits you.