Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yes, that's the Harlot with my what?

So what indeed? Did you hear me? I said Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is holding my knitting! And...she knew it was Birch. And why did she know that? Because (hold for the drum roll, please), because she's knitting a Birch, too. Said it was "back in the suitcase."

Okay, I'm a celebrity geek, a harlot even. Whatcha gonna do? It's just who I am. And I'm not usually this way with celebrities. But... writers and knitters. And knitters who can write... well, I'm definitely in awe.

Yesterday, courtesy of the incredible Knitch and its even-more-incredible owner Kim, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee came to Atlanta and I can now say, I've Knit With The Yarn Harlot! Well, the fine print really says that "I knit while the Yarn Harlot talked," but that's just getting picky, if you ask me.

Knitch arranged for YH to speak at the Hilan theater in the heart of Virginia Highlands. Usually when we say "in the heart," we mean it's right in the middle of things. In this case, this theater is really like the spleen of Virginia Highlands. It's the internal organ that you didn't even know you had until it got crushed in a rush for Socks That Rock at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Show. This venue is literally tucked in between and behind a Ben & Jerry's on one side and a Starbucks on the other, so you walk between the two businesses into the theater. I never would have found it in a million years!

Funny story--I came down late and didn't want to be driving around VH losing my mind looking for parking, so I took a cab. Of course, I knit in the cab during the drive. The driver was Nigerian, very friendly and pleasant and I saw him observe the knitting in the back seat but he never mentioned it. But when we pulled up, and he saw a couple hundred people standing in a line, he said, "Oh, my God, look at all those people. And they're ALL knitting! I can't believe it!" "Yeah," I responded, "all knitting. Well goodbye!" Let him wonder ....

Anyway, Knitch did a fabulous job of organizing the event, with tee-shirts (which I wish now I'd bought!), a raffle for Stephanie's pet charity, Knitters Without Borders, and lots of books for sale. And, thank you, Kim, for putting the Atlanta Knitting Guild board members in the front row, alongside your fellow shop owners. What an incredible honor, and much appreciated!

Debra and I waited in line to have our books signed (thank you, Kim, for giving us tickets for the first signing!) and were among the very last in that group to meet Stephanie. She was very gracious and happy to hold Birch, and to have her picture taken with Debra.

So, without further ado, here's Debra and Stephanie:

Thank you, Stephanie, for bringing your great sense of humor to Atlanta, and for reminding us of the incredible sense of community we're so fortunate to be a part of. And thanks for holding my Birch and not pointing out some horrible glitch in it.

Come back again, any time!


Kim Nickels said...

So glad you came and so glad you enjoyed it! The birch is beautiful!

Sheri said...

Oh my gosh, we stood right behind you in line to get the books signed. I am the one with my husband, who'd been shooting sporting clays. Remember? I wish I had known it was you, darn it! We could have talked pugs.
Picture of me on my blog holding the Yarn Harlots sock. Such an honor! Wasn't it a great night? Loved it.
Almost met my first blogging knitter friend, darn!
Sheri in GA

Claudia said...

Good job - she held your knitting!!! That was such a fun event. I am still tired and wired... Why am I still reading blogs? It is 12:44am for crying out loud! BTW - they still have the tshirts at Knitch, in case you still want one. ;-) Let me know and I can pick you one up tomorrow.

Romi said...

How cool! Isn't The Harlot wonderful? :)

Elizabeth said...

haha. I'm almost certain I was sitting behind you and took a pic of your birch in your bag! I was going to blog it but figured I'd be labeled crazy knitted lace stalking lady lol

N. Maria said...

You are so lucky!!
I was thinking.....what is a birch. Whatever it is, it looks beautiful! (knackfulknitter (at)

Soo said...

Sounds like a great day out. Your birch is looking good -- and your MS3 (previous post) is GORGEOUS! Really beautifully done.