Saturday, October 06, 2007

Uncle! A Letter to My Friends

Dear Knitting Enabler Friends (You All Know Who You Are):

Okay, now I’m officially swamped in knitalongs. Of course, I’m already behind a week in Secret of Chrysopolis (Clue 2 out yesterday). Secret of the Stole started yesterday and I’m not ready for that. And I just joined the Muir knitalong on Yahoo (it’s also running on Ravelry), run by Romi, intrepid designer and shawl pin maker.

(For those of you who like eye candy, here's the gorgeous feather pin that Romi made for the MS3 Swan Lake stole. And, in the interests of friendship, let me just say, "I've got something you don't have, nanny nanny boo boo!")

Now, we return you to our regularly scheduled rant:

Still working on Birch, about 15% of the diamonds made for my Tess vest (and Joyce has already had to help me through a crisis), I haven’t started my other MD Sheep & Wool vest yet, and my yarn came from Knitpicks (Wool of the Andes, Thyme color - gorgeous!) yesterday for the Enchanted Forest sweater (Vogue). Haven’t started any of the Jojoland yarn I bought from Needlenook. And, believe it or not, I’m going to Needlenook today to pick up my blue Melody for the bearclaw shawl Pat did and to Only Ewe and Cotton Too for some Suri Elegance (might end up being the Muir, might not).

Whoa!!!!! I’m out of control! I’m reading “Zen and the Art of Knitting” and “Mindful Knitting” and they both talk about knitting as a calming, meditative process that helps get you centered. (I desperately need some centering right now!) How can I be centered when I’m deep under a pile of yarn that wants to be knitted?

This is why I don’t spin, Debra. First, I’d have to build another room onto the house to hold the wheel and the roving and second, I’m already not working on my resume and finding a job—what would it be like if I was just sitting blissfully spinning all day?

Basically, girls, this is really all your fault. Pat created a monster with that first lace project at the Mountain. I was fine with socks. Then Ellen and Joyce and Whit started those me on those damned multidirectional scarves. Now I’ve got to do lace, and socks, and multidirectionals. On top of all that, I haven’t knit a sweater in years because I hate big projects—why am I now trying to knit vests and sweaters?

If I ever mention that freaking tent-sized Koigu coat, please just have me committed immediately and confiscate all pointy objects.

Overwhelm-edly, Me


ddknits said...

Muir, Muir????? I don't know about Muir. I need another 30 things to work on right now, the first 25 just aren't doing it for me. Not to mention the piles of UFOs (which I WILL NOT count).

The_Add_Knitter said...

Wait--you're forgetting the Second Wave Clapotis, Firestarter, Mirepoix and Silver Belle kals!!!

Sheri said...

I was just thinking I wish I could find some KAL to join since I finished MS3 and almost done with Kauni. Sounds like there's lots of them out there, just have to find them.
Love that shawl pin. Must go order one!
Sheri in (SE)GA

Romi said...

Hee. I'm so glad you like your pin! See you on the muir KAL. :)

Claudia said...

GEEZ - I am glad I wasn't named on that list. ;-) Let me when you want some more projects and I'll send you some links. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!