Saturday, September 08, 2007

Knitting Update

Since I'm the only person I know who hasn't yet made a pair of Monkey socks I decided to start mine on Thursday night at the guild meeting. The yarn is Trekking Pro Natura and doesn't look at all the way I thought it would--for some reason I thought it would pool and instead it's striping--but I love the way it feels and the colors.

And, since I'm now officially addicted to lace knitting, I had to start a new piece of lace. The pattern is Birch by Sharon Miller and was in an old Rowan book (#34). It was originally done in Kidsilk Haze, but since I am not a fan of fuzzy things, I chose Malabrigo Laceweight. OMG! This stuff is like knitting with a kitten, it's so soft. And I love the color, which is called Pagoda.

I took the unusual (for me) step of actually swatching Birch and I am a little concerned that there's no edge specified, but I think it's going to need one. The photo here is pretty blurry, but you can see that the edge is fairly undefined looking. I'll have to wait to see how I like it when it's done, but I'm pretty sure I'll be asking someone to help me figure out how to edge this puppy.

And, just in case you haven't seen enough pink yarn to last you, I'll mention that I am hoping to start the Hanami stole soon out of, yes, you guessed it, raspberry-colored Jaggerspun Zephyr. I'm even thinking of putting beads on it.

The Birch pattern is pretty simple--one of those patterns that you can read easily--or I would never have considered another lace pattern at the same time. My main concern at this point is that I really should be putting my attention on looking for a J-O-B and not on knitting, but I'm going to consider the knitting as therapy. Looked at that way, I'd be unfair to myself if I didn't start as many projects as possible!


Sheri said...

I'm the second person who hasn't done a Monkey sock, I tried but I can't get into socks for some reason. Now, lace, I love lace, and Birch has been on the list forever too. I have way too much lace weight yarn, need to do more lace.
Sheri in GA

Claudia said...

AWWWW - all this lace - GORGEOUS!!! The Hanami is in my queue, too. Once I get the Mystery Stole finished. BTW - where were you on Sunday? You were missed at the MS3 party!!!