Sunday, July 01, 2007

Diana Got Lucky ... sort of

So, where to begin? First, inquiring minds want to see photos of the famous toe-up socks that caused no end of agita in the Pug household. Voila (or, as I so often hear people say, Voyla!)

Well, they're definitely fraternal, but very comfy. When you look at the top (note the Grumperina cast-off, they're a little fluffy, but on my rather fluffy leg, it's not noticeable. All in all, I like the socks. And I probably will make another pair. But I'll never be so naive as to think that casting them off is a simple matter.

On to other matters. First, I'm attempting my third lace project, second under the tutelage of the intrepid Pat. It's the Cotton Candy scarf, out of Jade Sapphire Cashmere Silk. OMG--love this yarn! My only concern (and it's a very tiny one) is that it's an old put-up of this yarn and is 50 yards to the skein. The new put-up of this yarn is 55 yards, and of course, the pattern is written for that...however, it's an easy pattern to size and if it's a little shorter than it might be, oh well. It's going to be beautiful, I think. What do you think?

Now about that luck thing...I know, I know, you've been wondering. Well, here's the story. One of our local LYSes, the beautimous Knitch, is having a Lucky Duck sale this weekend. You pick out your stuff, then you pick out your duck (and each one of them has a personality), and the duck you choose reflects the discount you get, from 10% to 100%. If that weren't enough, there are these grab bags, rather but not completely anonymous, that you can buy if you're feeling even more lucky.

So, I went looking for yarn for the Mystery Stole 3 (MS3) project, about which more later. Found some yarn that isn't quite right for the project, but which I couldn't resist (Claudia's Handpainted Lace Yarn--you wouldn't have been able to resist it either!), some needles, and a grab bag that was labeled (see photo), "4 skeins Georgia Handspun Yarn." The LYSO says, "I'm going to have a tee-shirt made that says, 'Diana got lucky at Knitch today.'" and off we went. Picked my duck, paid my bill, walked back to my car--car not towed and no ticket, always a good thing in that neighborhood--opened my grab bag and, um, uh, 3 skeins, not 4. Really pretty, nothing I would ever have bought, but really pretty, but 3.

So the question is, did I get lucky? Well, I got a better than average discount and I love the Claudia's, but I have no idea what I'll do with it. And I got 3 skeins of really pretty yarn I'm pretty sure I'll never use, so what difference if there aren't 4? If you're probably never going to use it, does it really matter if you got 3 or 4? I'm still mulling that one over. At least I didn't find my grab bag was full of eyelash yarn and I avoided the bags labeled "mohair" because, while I love it, I never really want to knit it.

And the bottom line is, I still didn't have yarn for the MS3 project. Now, first let me say that this MS3 thing is an internet feeding frenzy. This lovely designer from almost my home area, Leesburg, VA, is running her third annual mystery stole KAL and you'd think she was handing out crack cocaine on the street corner. Normally, well, normal, people are treating this thing like it was the Peachtree Road Race. Must be first to the finish line, must get clue first, must post photo first, must be the best, the fastest, the laciest.... Must post, repeatedly--I'm on digest mode and I'm getting 10 or 11 digests a day. Do these people have NO OTHER LIFE? Don't answer that.

So, what the heck am I doing? Well, of course, I've gotta get my crack, too. Gotta have yarn for this thing because...I have no idea why, but I'm doing it. So, back to the story.

Still no yarn. On to the ever-reliable Knitting Emporium (no website)--wander around looking at yarn. Schmooze with Wanda, the wonderful owner, and Pat, one of the teachers, also wonderful. Love those women! Designer has suggested that yarn should be white or black or gray or some color that would make me want to shoot myself by the time I knit the thing. I'm a variegated sort of a gal, but even I can see that the lovely Claudia's I bought isn't going to do it...need something subtle.

Enter, Helen's Laces, in Mineshaft. Tell me this isn't the most beautiful yarn you've ever seen, sort of like a thunderstorm-y night.

Well, it turns out I can't show you...Blogger is having one of those days. No new photos for awhile, I guess. But it's beautiful. And by the way, I'm not using beads. No beads. None.

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Kim Nickels said...

So sorry that you ended up with 3 instead of 4. We'll take full responsibility for that. So, as soon as those spindles arrive, I'm giving you a little extra, I think Diana just got lucky!