Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Thought I'd Test Blogger With Another Photo ...

I thought I'd test Blogger with another photo from the Pug backyard. I love Hibiscuses (can that possibly be the plural?). Oh, well, love the flower, love the color. It makes me want to hang out in the backyard and stare at it.

Anyway, here (finally) is the Helen's Lace Mineshaft.

And here's the first chart (Chart A, the first 50 rows) of the MS3 stole. I'm still obsessing about whether I should have used a larger needle but have decided to just enjoy the process and quit worrying. If I end up with a really gorgeous lace stole that would fit an American Girl doll, it will still be worth it.

Now to go delete some of those postings. That will be the thing that eventually will drive me to the edge with this project:

--Wrangling among the participants about whether to slip the first stitch (pattern says no, I'm doing it anyway, it's about 50/50 whether the Lace Police will formally charge me);

--beads or no (who cares? it's your knitting!);

--how to help the person who has never knit anything (ANYTHING) and wants to knit this thing to be part of the community but really cannot KNIT;

--other people telling her to quit now because she's holding the rest of us up (again, who cares?);

--people discussing the health reasons that make this an unsuitable project for them (but they're doing it anyway);

--people obsessing about what the theme is--I think the only thing that hasn't been mentioned is the Iraq War;

--people posting their photos or worrying about how to post their photos;

--people being people.

All of which is fine, but could you do it offline? You're driving me nuts. I just want to knit the darned thing.


Janice in GA said...

Hmm, I'm not slipping the first st of mine. But I'm using a laceweight linen and I want to have all possible stretch. (I block very aggressively.)

That list drives me absolutely bonkers. I have no idea how Melanie puts up with the stuff that goes through. Jeezopete.

Romi said...

Gorgeous yarn! I love the subtle colors.