Friday, June 29, 2007

Those *&^*(& Socks

... are finally finished. I have to say that this project has just about killed me for toe up socks. I loved every aspect of the toe up sock right up to the bindoff. Now I'm not sure I'll ever knit another one! Well, I'll never say never, but for right now...I'll just knit on my multidirectional scarf.

I finally did the right thing and checked out stretchy bind-offs online. Here's what I found:

Weebleknits has a resource with four or five different stretchy bindoffs.

But in the end I used Grumperina's method.

Whew! Pix later this weekend, I hope.


Sheri said...

I have yet to finish a pair of toe up socks, my foots so long that it gets too boring too quick.
I finally decided on the Zephyr yarn after trying out 3 different ones. I love this knit a long though, it's my second. She does beautiful work.
Thanks for compliments on the pug. She's a mess right now with allergy problems, and she's spoiled rotten!
Sheri in (SE)GA

Romi said...

Pics? :)