Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Boiled A**

I can't thank Claudia enough for the delightful name she used to describe her unblocked MS3: "boiled a**" just paints a picture that delights the soul and inspires the mind to new heights. Or, it's completely descriptive and I can't get it out of my mind. One or the other.

Last night I realized that my MS3, up to row 128 now and proud of it, was not even boiled a**, it was the sauerkraut accompanying the a**. It was crap, doo doo, ca ca, and whatever other words you want to use to describe something that must be killed.

I agonized all day at work, consulting friends by email and constructing elaborate justifications for why I could live with a very clear error back around the beginning of Clue 2 (which started, you remember, with row 101). A zig that should have zagged, a series of right slanting decreases that, briefly, momentarily, fleetingly, slanted left.

I had just about convinced myself that no one would notice once it was blocked within an inch of its life. Then I showed it to Debra tonight at Colony Square, and her pitying smile was enough to tell me: this thing had to die, or at least a severe amputation was in order.

Voila, the amputation. Twenty-three rows gone in a trice, as it were. Thank goodness for the lifeline, sitting at about row 109, because it gave me a baseline. Then I tinked from there down to row 105:

Another row completed and the error is gone, stitch count is accurate, and I'm exhausted. I'm tired of this thing and I feel like I've wasted a big hunk of time, but at least tomorrow I start clean on it again and no agonizing.


Eve said...


You're not the only one ripping out to lifelines and tinking. I spent a fair amount of yesterday reknitting that darn MS3! I'm only on line 105, but at least it's all correct (for now). Yours looks lovely, and not at all like boiled a**.

Sheri said...

Aw, you'll be happy with it when it's done. I did 4 rows on mine yesterday, tinked them all back and said, well, decided I'd had enough of that thing for awhile. Gonna try again today, see if my lace mojo is back. Every row I've done in the last 2 days has been taken out. So, I'll try again!
Sheri in GA

Romi said...

Yay! It's all better now? Whew. It would have really bothered you, I'll bet. It's lookin' great!