Monday, January 19, 2009

A Swapping We Will Go ...

No, not that kind of swapping. Get your mind out of the gutter! (And, for god's sake, don't give Mr. Pug any ideas!)

I have no idea why I did this, but I signed up for two ... yes, two (2) ... swaps on Ravelry. I've never done a swap and I really can't explain it except that Debra told me she did one and had fun with it and Cindi is doing one and ... well, I guess I was jealous.

So anyway, two.

First is a sock swap with the Sock It To Me 3 group. The idea is that someone sends me three packages, a month apart, and I send another someone three packages. One of the packages must include a pair of handmade socks. Other than that, contents are up to the sender. The idea is to make new friends and get to know them, hopefully sending things that will please the sendee. I've "met" my sendee, the lovely Catnurse on Ravelry, and she seems very interesting and fun. She lives in cold country so woolly socks probably are worn much of the year. She is a cat person, which I guess you could have discerned from her name, so that gives me a chance to explore my inner feline. (I am so in awe of people like her who foster animals, especially with all the folks who are giving up their animals for economic reasons.) I haven't yet met the person who will be making socks for my size 9.5's--maybe she's already withdrawn from the swap in anticipation of knitting the never-ending sock.

Second is a swap with the Outlander group. This one doesn't start until April-ish so it's just in the planning stages. Forum discussions seem to go on and on about picking the proper Ravatar for the swap--each one personalized to one's clan (Beauchamp, Murray, Fraser or McKenzie)*. Since I haven't been assigned to a clan yet, it's all a bit moot for me at this point. I guess I could Photoshop a piece of tartan onto Lightning's photo to make my Ravatar look a little more Scottish ... she wouldn't look any sillier than she did wearing that moebius!

Anyway, the swap is limited to 60 people and the theme will be Dragonfly in Amber, the second Outlander book. DIA is the one where Claire and Jamie are in Paris at the French court so there are a lot of possibilities inherent -- herbs (Master Raymond), the French court and France, dragonflies, amber ... you get the picture!

I'm sure you'll hear more as I progress.
*By the way, an Outlander note. I have been listening to the series on CD from the library and am now fitfully and impatiently awaiting #4, The Fiery Cross. (The books in the series are Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, The Fiery Cross, and A Breath of Snow and Ashes. There's another one due out this year, I think.) At the same time, I'm re-reading DIA for the swap--in paper, I mean. Have I confused you yet?
Anyway, one of the Beauchamp Ravatars uses the initials JHRC, which always make me laugh out loud. Claire (Beauchamp Randall Fraser)'s favorite curseword is "Jesus H Roosevelt Christ." Everytime I hear it, I think of my father and want to call him so we could laugh together about it. He's been dead almost 30 years now (can it be 2009 already?) and his favorite curseword, at least the one that we can print, was Jesus H Christ. When he said it, my mother would say, "now, Ben ...." and he'd look sheepish and my sisters and I would pretend we hadn't heard the blasphemy. How he would love the insertion of Franklin Roosevelt into his favorite curse, and the anachronicity (to make up a word) of it all.

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