Sunday, January 04, 2009

Clarification and a Sock Update

Mr. Pug pointed out (while I was sitting in the office until 1 am this morning untangling yarn) that Noro was technically not to blame for the three-yarn debacle pictured yesterday. He reminds me that the mess was actually caused by Buddy and that Noro was an innocent victim. That makes me feel only slightly less guilty that I untangled that atrocity by attacking Noro with a machete like a South American native fighting his way through the rainforest. Sorry, Noro.

But, I ask you: is this the face of a killer? I think not. He's the very picture of innocence.

In other sock news, two pairs were completed last week:

First, the Dream in Color (Pansy GoLightly) toe-up version of Spring Forward. My only quibble with the cuff-down version was that I could only get 2.5 repeats of the pattern on the cuff and still get it over my heel. I thought that knitting them toe up would give me more leeway but this turned out to be wrong--new toe-up version has the same 60 rows and the cuff is short, just like the other one, but I like the short-row heel a lot better so it's all good.

And the Opal happy socks (I have no idea what the real name of this yarn is) are done too. These I'm in love with! No quibbles at all.

Finally, just to let you know that I'm not completely anti-Noro:

This multidirectional took two skeins of Silk Garden Lite and, again, I love it! Great colors, not even one knot, very little veg matter. The perfect yarn, if you didn't have a history with it.

Two of the three socks involved in the tangle have been rehabilitated. The J Knits North Carolina is in three small balls and I've already knit about 2 inches onto the cuff since last night. The black/red/chocolate mystery yarn, which I don't know the name of*, has been cast on and torn out already. I started a toe-up sock using a short-row toe and decided it's just a very fiddly way to cast on. I'm not sure it's worth it, but I'm going to try it again because I'd like to try to make La Digitessa and that calls for this cast on. If it doesn't work the second time, the sock will be made with my standard toe-up cast on.

The Noro is, unfortunately, in the trash can, but not before it left Noro fuzz on all the other victims. RIP, little Noro.

*This yarn came from the Celtic Knot and I bought it when we went to Maryland Sheep & Wool this past May. It had some very clever name but I've lost the band and can't identify it. It's a little odd because it's quite heavy fingering weight, almost sport weight. Unfortunately the Celtic Knot is gone now (I assume) and I can't ask about it. It seems to me that some of our group bought some of this yarn (Whit maybe) and maybe one of them will be able to identify it.

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Jane said...

Socks look gorgeous, as always!