Thursday, April 29, 2010

Irreconcilable Differences

First, for the record, I am in love with ... nay, impassioned by ... Malabrigo sock yarn. All Malabrigo sock yarn. I don't think I've found the color yet that doesn't make my throwing finger itch to cast on a sock. Any sock. All socks.

My most favorite used to be Archangel. Archangel has a mixture of all those reds that call my name with little hints, glints even, of gold. Fabulous. Truly like an archangel at sunset.

After that, Tiziano. Deep, vibrant, screaming blood red.

Finally [drum roll, please] Botticelli.  Botticelli Red, to be exact, but, to be exact, it's not exactly red. More like red wine with a little soda. So, like a Renaissance wine spritzer.

Or the color of the pinky-red in the painting above. (And by the way, yes, that DOES look a little like the Stitches South slumber party in the lobby of the Waverly Hotel last week, but without the bunny slippers.)

In fact, Botticelli-color. A color that should be in a stained glass window of the Virgin Mary in a magnificent Italian cathedral.

Okay, I'm done. You get it. I love this yarn. (Are you seeing a trend? Why do I keep buying red sock yarn? Why did I buy Sedona by Lisa Souza for a pair of socks and Blackberries, the color of a squished blackberry on your hand on a a hot summer day, also by Lisa Souza, for a shawl? Could it by any chance relate to my mother's admonition that "nice girls don't wear red"?   Nah, surely not.)

So, why, why, why, doesn't Botticelli want to be a sock?

First, I tried a lacy toe-up sock from Wendy Johnson's first book. No go. Frog.

Next, Nutkin, toe-up. Whoops, heel's too tight. Frog, reknit with more stitches on the instep.

Nutkin, more stitches. Whoops, cuff's too tight. Frog, reknit with more stitches on the cuff.

Nope, not working.

Botticelli's showing its age by this point. The yarn, like the knitter, is showing a little fraying around the edges.

Last night, cast on a pattern from Wendy's new book. (Rosebud, if it matters.) No, no, no.

Sivia's Cherry Blossom pattern. No, nein, nyet.

I don't think Botticelli wants to be worn on the feet. Maybe it wants to be a shawlette. Hmmmm. We'll see.

In the meantime, I'll just hold it close to my face and purr.

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Marguerite said...

A kindred spirit - someone who knows that when the yarn speaks, it's best to listen.

Some yarns can get pretty mouthy.