Friday, April 30, 2010

In Which I Attempt to Buy Yarn

So my “core” group at work went out today for lunch, a burger shop across the street from A Store Which Will Not Be Named. I was salivating just looking at it and it wasn't all about the burgers. After lunch, the rest of them went to one of the other little shops on the block so I went to ASWWNBN.

Front table: tiny cotton sweater in gorgeous summer colors (1 or 2 skeins required, depending on size) with the pattern beside it. That’s all that was on the table—one pattern--the display pattern--and several piles of the yarn in different colors. Very feng shui, if you ask me.

Perfect little shrug for Ruby. Cool. What the heck? Make one for Isabelle and Emily too, while I’m at it.  (Did I mention I just bought yarn at Stitches South and don't really need any more but .... it IS yarn we're talking about and I'm relatively helpless in its presence.)

I pick up two skeins (coral if it matters, which would be beautiful with Ruby's blue eyes) and ask one of the two people behind the counter (no one in the store but them and me): “Where will I find this pattern? Or is this your last one?”

“Don’t know – you need to look in the patterns.”

“Okay—where are they?”

(Pointing) “Over there, in those binders.”

(Rifling through binders) “Okay—hmmmmm, there aren’t any of these patterns with the other children’s patterns. Do you have more?”


“Okay—so you don’t have any copies of the pattern on display with all that yarn?”

“Guess not”

“Okay—thank you for your help. Good bye.”

Did I mention there were NO other customers in the shop?

Well, poot! I tried.

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