Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pondish Issues

Okay, okay, it's very hard to take a good picture of a moving fish in a pond--even a smallish fish in a very small pond. And I have sort of a crap camera, as those things go. But here's Biggie Smalls (you can tell it's him by the red head on the left side of the picture).

What's he so happy about? (Well, I think he looks happy, and he's my fish and it's my pond and if I say so, he is!)

Wouldn't this lotus make anyone happy? I know it makes me happy, and Biggie Smalls agrees.

Mr. Pug's back yard is fully in bloom--glads and hibiscuses and roses and lilies and such. The butterfly bush is full of butterflies and the bird feeders and bird houses are tweeting and twittering. Even that dumb cactus has a new growth coming in.

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