Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not in Kansas Anymore

Nope, I'm not in Pugville this week. Everything's a little cattywampus right now and I'm in Charlotte for a few days.

My older daughter was hospitalized this week and has been in ICU most of the week. Yes, I think she'll be okay, thanks. Complications from diabetes and I guess she's been pretty miserable but it sounds as if the doctors are getting things under control as we speak. I certainly hope so. Thanks again for asking.

I spent last weekend in a frenzy of driving, from Atlanta to NoVA for a family wedding. Well worth it (time with family, especially my sisters, is always worth whatever you have to do!), but very tiring. Then back home to Atlanta via Charlotte to celebrate Cooper's 4th birthday. Back on the road that night to drive to Atlanta for work the next morning. Then, back on the road by noon to drive back to Charlotte because of Kelly's hospitalization.

About 1,800 miles so far this week. I could be most of the way to Sedona!

So we're sitting ... waiting ... in Charlotte. I'm not getting much knitting done because I have a four-year-old talking in my ear 24/7 or I'm taking phone calls. If I come home unable to discuss anything of merit except SpongeBob SquarePants, please forgive me. I'm sure at some point my brain will dislodge that song and I'll be semi-intelligent again but I have no idea how long that might take.

But occasionally I can pick up the ever-present sock and knit a stitch or two. Which is what I did this morning ... picked up my sock and discovered that the yarn has been chewed through and is in multiple pieces.

(No pix -- for some reason Kelly's computer cuts out everytime I try to upload a photo. And here I thought that Macs were supposed to be so much better--give me back my own PC and I'll never complain about it again.)

Anyway, when you live with pugs, you don't worry about yarn being eaten--pugs are way too lazy to eat anything that isn't served to them in a cut-glass bowl (or, occasionally, on a fork). But the two house kittens, Snickers and ApuKitty, seem to think that Zauberball has the same texture and taste as Cat Chow, and, for all I know, they might be right. I haven't checked it myself.

So, if you're looking for me, I'm hanging out here with Brandon and Haley and Cooper and that's fine.

(And by the way, to my sisters--I love you both very much and am thinking of you. Knit on, through all crises.)


Jane Prater said...

If you need a break, Charlotte Yarn is my favorite local yarn shop and it is not far from center city hospitals. It's on East Blvd. and they love Atlantans.

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Anonymous said...

When are you returning to Kansas??? Us southeastern Kansans are missing you and are concerned for you and your daughter. Take care of yourself, too.