Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pomatomus Update

Okay, forget the chubby ankle. Isn't this the most wonderful sock ever?
No, wait, maybe this one is:
The first pair of Pomatomus (Pomatomuses? Pomatomi?) is done--off the needles and on the foot. The second pair, toe up this time, is OTN. The picture is old--by now I'm about 2/3 of the way up the foot. The yarn is Trekking.
I'm in love with Cookie A's new book of socks, and am anxiously awaiting Wendy Johnson's book, due to arrive any minute now. Will this be another year of All Socks, All Year? Probably.

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Sheri said...

Pat me on the back - I just finished a pair of socks and I hate knitting socks! I do love that Poto-whatever it's called. Someday I'm going to try it. Now I'm (don't pass out) making another pair cause my oldest granddaughter caught me and asked me to make her a pair. Luckily for me they're to keep her feet warm and she wants them in worsted. It'll still take me forever!
Sheri in (SE) GA