Saturday, March 28, 2009

Swaps Update

So this whole knit swap thing on Ravelry is turning out to be fun. I'm in three, which seems like I went a little overboard, but I have such an ... er ... abundant stash that it's easy to do without too much money insanity.

Yesterday Mr. Pug said "explain again ... what's with the packages coming in?" I explained it was a yarn swap and he said, "good ... you could probably send out hundreds of packages of yarn and it wouldn't make a dent." He was a little chagrined to learn that for every package that goes out, one comes in. He suddenly realized it wasn't going to mean that the yarn room would miraculously clear out, which was obviously his dream. Oh, well.

Anyway, I seem to be technologically challenged when it comes to posting photos on the Ravelry forums. I've followed the directions and it just doesn't work for me. So, I'm posting here as an alternative.

First, the Sock It To Me Swap. This is a three-swap deal and Mr. Pug's dream probably will come true on this one. My original upstream partner seems to have dropped out so the first package due dates came and went -- no partner, no package in. In the meantime, I sent out my second package last week, including socks knit for my partner, the lovely Catnurse. They're made from Classic Elite Alpaca Sock and have a tiny faux cable on each side of the foot.

It's really hard to knit socks for someone you've never met. I don't even knit for my daughters because they mostly think knitting is kind of a dumb but harmless hobby for me but they aren't interested in knitted anythings. But someone you've never even seen? Interesting. Then you throw in some things that, based on getting to know them through emails and stalking them on Ravelry and their blogs (if any), you think they'll like.

So it's even more amazing that Pink-n-Sparkly jumped in to be an "angel" and send me a package. She doesn't know me at all, we haven't emailed, and ... well, how would you know what to send? Let's just say she did great.

Lots of little goodies plus a skein of Lion Brand Sock Ease, which I haven't tried before. Thanks, Michelle!

Second, the Sock Yarn From Your Stash Swap. Well, I got stash ... I qualify. My package went off last week to Woolyjooly and I hope she'll like what I chose for her. And my package from Breeknitter came this weekend:

Isn't it pretty? A cake of sock yarn I've never seen before called Tricot Treat (that's the one on the left) and a skein (wound into two cakes) of Malabrigo Sock in the Botticelli colorway. That Botticelli looks like the red in a Renaissance-era stained glass window, with light coming through it. Plus, there's coffee and chocolate and some wonderful scent beads.

There's one package due out to Catnurse and then my final (for now) swap: The Dragonfly in Amber swap from the Outlander forum. I'm still pulling that one together so no hints for now.

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Sheri said...

The part about your daughters made me laugh! I don't think my 2 believe I have all my marbles when it comes to knitting. In this day and age, with these kids, knitting isn't fast enough, no instant gratification! Maybe they should get me a knitting machine so I can show them how to use that.
Gorgeous swap gifts, going and coming!