Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back to Business

Life has gotten in the way of knitting--what's that about? I'm constantly amazed by the incredible productivity of some of the knitters I know. They stand up at guild meetings and show off afghans and sweaters and lacy shawls and sometimes just garter stitch scarves. But at least they finished something!

Which puts them ahead of me. For some reason, I'm on a backwards spiral. I can't seem to finish anything.

Why? Well, let's see. There was Brandon's 14th birthday last week. I went to Charlotte to hang out with him. That's a picture of him the first time he and I went to the Atlanta aquarium. He's the grandchild who's probably most like me--and I'm sure he wouldn't be happy to hear those words! But he's the one with my sense of humor. Hopefully that can be used for good, not evil. My sense of humor usually gets me into trouble.

Then there was Cole's 16th birthday, two weeks ago, also in Charlotte. Again, a great opportunity to hang out with him and the other grands. One of the things I did was watch Cole play in a flag football game at the arena and while we were doing that, Emma and Kerrigan got to skate at the rink.

The two purple-shirted girls are mine--Kerrigan in the middle, Emma on the end. The other girl is a friend. K and E are wearing their Charlotte Roller Girl shirts, or more exactly, daughter Jen's Charlotte Roller Girl shirt. (Should I be scared that I've got a daughter who calls herself Dolce Killbanna? Or that I have a daughter who could fit into those tee-shirts? Does that make me Mama Killbanna?)

And then there's Bluto ... I just needed an excuse to show another picture of him.

But the bottom line is ... I did actually finish two pairs of socks. Here are my StormMoonKnits socks (that's the name of the yarn--the pattern is just my own toe-up, ribbed sock). The others I can't show you yet--they're on their way to my swap partner, Catnurse.

Don't they remind you a little of Pippi Longstocking? Now if only I could get my hair into two pigtails, I suppose I could try out for the Roller Derby. That would be a video worth buying!

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