Thursday, December 04, 2008

Post-Holiday Blues

Okay, the Thanksgiving holiday is over and I’m recovering. We truly had lots to be thankful for this year, with the house full of daughters and grandchildren and significant others and dogs and granddogs. Lots of food, lots of noise, laughter, a few raised voices but not too many. And now it’s quiet again. Mr. Pug and I and the four pugs are back to our peaceful existence.

So why do I feel like something’s missing?

Well, that’s easy. It’s because I’ve had to learn to use my bathroom by myself again.

Yes, after only a few days of having my family around, I’m back to solitude in the bathroom, and it already feels weird.

I know… all you folks who haven’t had children are wondering if I’ve lost my mind, and that’s definitely the subject of another posting. But you parents … you know what I’m talking about.

Once I had children, a few decades ago, I seldom experienced the peacefulness of a quiet trip to the loo by myself. I would sometimes read about people who took their newspapers to the bathroom for a quick read. Or folks who kept a good book and a candle by the tub for those peaceful moments of relaxation. Not in my house. There always seemed to be a kid talking to me about some critical matter while I tried to find a moment alone.

And grandchildren kept up the tradition. How do people who don’t even live with you somehow know they can pop in to ask a question just as you’re turning on the hair dryer or stepping out of the shower?

Now, mind you, husbands and semi-spouses can be trained. You just lock the doors a few times and most of them get the message. Not your kids—mine seem to be able to pick locks or maybe they just wave a magic wand over them. Who knows how they get in? I certainly don’t. One minute you’re thinking you’ve got enough privacy to try out that new eye shadow and the next minute you’re defending your choice of green over brown eyeliner.

So… it’s very quiet. And I’m trying to acclimate myself to the silence. This morning I dried my hair and didn’t have to explain to anyone why I still use such an old school hair dryer (because I like it, that’s why, and besides it still works) and no one asked why I wear granny pants instead of a thong (because they feel good, that’s why) and no one told me that I really should give up using my old cologne and try something newer and no one borrowed my moisturizer.

Gosh, it was quiet. And a little lonely. I hope they come back soon.

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