Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Knee--Progress to Date

Several kind friends continue to ask about Mr. Pug and how he's faring with his new, improved, highly technological knee. Well, it varies from day to day and sometimes from minute to minute. I've seen every variation--some of them I wouldn't mind seeing again, and others I hope will vanish forever.

Some days he's a happy camper:

On these days, he's full of hope and expectation and promise. On a day like that, life in the Hundred Acre Forest is good--all Disneyish songs and dancing among the tiny forest animals.
Then there are the blue days:
On these days, Mr. Pug sees only the cloud--no silver lining at all.
Yesterday, he felt wonderful, like a young man who could tackle the world:
But today -- today is one of the black days when I would cheerfully leave home:
Yes, we're in full Grizzly mode today. Grrrrrr!


Janice in GA said...

I don't have an artificial knee (at least, not so far), but I've had knee surgery (ACL replacement and cartilege repair). I know that up and down feeling all too well.

I have great sympathy and fellow-feeling for anyone with knee problems.

Diana said...

Thanks--he's back to full Pooh today (and I mean that in the kindest way).