Monday, January 01, 2007

And the New Year Begins ...

I've been on leave for over a week, highly unusual for me. When I first applied for the leave, it was because I thought I'd be with my kids over the holiday. I quickly realized that they had plans of their own (imagine that!) and, after our pre-Christmas days together, I would be dismissed. Problem? Not so much.

I've been enjoying being at home. It's been wonderful. Of course, I've had to hear from the semi-spouse about how nice it is to have me be if I'm not always pleasant. But it's true that I'm much more commute, no long hours away from home, no work-related stress. We've actually spent a couple of days together, doing domestic-type things. Again, highly unusual. Because of his weird work schedule, and mine, we so seldom have a day to do stuff together--have a lunch out, househunt, go to Costco together. It's been very nice.

So you'd think I would have really accomplished a lot. Again, not so much. I've knit, of course. Cooper's gansey needs the sleeves attached and the side seams sewn. But for some reason, I'm struggling with this small piece of the project. I'm not comfortable with it. I'm going to take it to the guild meeting on Thursday and ask Donna to help me with it. I don't know why knitting for my daughters (and, by definition, knitting for their children IS knitting for the daughters) is so stressful. I think it's because both of them have extremely high standards and neither of them does any crafts--thus their expectations are for perfection. And I usually fall somewhat short. So, Cooper's gansey is almost but not quite done.

I did finish the Lion Brand pattern reversible cable scarf. Love that pattern! The wool was Mission Falls 1824 superwash wool and I love the finished item. (It was originally scheduled to be a Christmas present but the weather's been so mild here in the south--I'll put it in the box for next year, assuming I can find it.) I took a picture on my camera phone but for some reason it won't send. You know, if it's not one thing, it's your mother. I thought I might have a problem with Blogspot, but no, it's the phone. It's probably a password thing--I changed my password at work and it's all connected. Oh, well. Tomorrow's another day.

And I'm about 2/3 done with the first sock of a pair for the newest CIC challenge. The yarn is from the stash, so I'm actually beginning the year by destashing. Of course, I spent the past weekend re-stashing, just in case I might run out, but this is a quibble. I still am destashing. I'm holding to this thought! This challenge is for the bigger kids, which I'm interpreting to be 8-14 year olds in the main. So this sock is about a men's size 6, which should fit someone. Again, photo in the camera phone, but not here.

And by the way, before you ask, No, I haven't spent the past week doing housework or laundry. Or organizing the office or the garage. Or putting away the Christmas decorations. I baked cookies before Christmas, and even baked a special cake for Ken that he loves and I don't. So I'm done with cooking until well into 2007. As for laundry, well, I can do that anytime, and as for housework, why?

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