Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Knitting Forward

So, I've been knitting since I was in elementary school, blogging since about 2004, and on Ravelry since 2007. That means I should know better, because my track record of being able to predict what I'll actually knit in a given year isn't that great. I get distracted easily.

But every year I prognosticate about the coming year so it's in the nature of a tradition at this point.

So let's make it easier this year:

  • I will start the year promising to finish a bunch of UFO's but will end the year with more than I started with.
  • I'll have really good intentions about organizing my stash but will end the year in the same state of chaos that exists right now. Maybe worse.
  • Ditto my intentions to knit strictly from stash. Let's face it--I'm like a crow with yarn. If it's pretty, I'll dive on it from a mile in the sky to grab it. 
  • Six months after I dive on something pretty, I'll look at it in wonderment and try to remember what I thought I was going to do with it.
  • I'd like to make Christmas gifts and ornaments all year but... Well, do I even need to say I probably won't?
  • We're not even going to talk about my abysmal record of updating this puppy. Doesn't seem that likely, does it?
On a positive note, I'm trying really hard to finish Fifty Shades of Red within the next two weeks. I'm down to four half blocks, then need to connect the shoulders, and then knit several miles of I-cord. Sounds do-able, right?

After that, I'll either get back to Smitten (yuk!) or do the crab stitch edging on the patchwork jacket. 

I'd like to knit Canyonlands as a Rav KAL. Dream in Color Smooshy.

I'd like to do a Goddess Knits shawl as a KAL.

I'd like to knit one of the sweaters I have yarn set aside for--Three Sisters or Carter Cardigan or Simona. 

Is that too much planning? Or not enough?

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