Sunday, December 02, 2012

Okay, This is a Problem....

I opened a drawer today...don't even ask why...and found some yarn and a UFO I couldn't identify.

Under it was...another UFO. That one I can figure out but have no idea when I started it or put it down. And certainly not why I would have stuffed it into that drawer.

Behind it, you guessed it, one more UFO. That one I do remember, thank goodness.

I searched the entire desk they were hiding in, but no more.

Okay, Houston, we have a problem.

When I have so many started-but-not-finished projects, there's obviously an issue.

Am I losing my mind, and my memory, or is this just the result of my addled ADHD brain starting too many projects?

UFO #1: it's obviously a shawl, with a cable and lace. (Needless to say, no pattern with it.) The yarn is either heavy fingering or light sport. I'm leaning toward the first. It's got one of my KP Harmony needles in it--no wonder I couldn't find my size 8! Can't identify the yarn or the pattern. I probably put it down because I really am not that fond of heavier shawls and this feels heavy.

UFO #2: toe-up socks two at a time. I don't remember starting them but I do have a habit of starting socks and putting them down. And the whole TAAT thing is so fiddly I'm pretty sure I just threw them down in disgust.

UFO #3: fingerless mitts, one finished, one not. I do remember these. Both my daughters wanted mitts one year but in black. Really? Black? I gave it the Old College Try, but all that black on size 1's was too much for this Old Blind Mouse.

So, here's the question: how many more of these nightmares are hiding from me?

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