Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ravelry: 10 Shawls in 2010 Group

I’m always highly suspicious when I see a “shawl” photographed on a 6-year-old child. It’s the equivalent of me photographing something around a pug’s neck. Highly annoying to the pug and not exactly the same as photographing a penny next to a clue at a crime scene for size relevance.

Yes, a pug’s neck is wrinkly and so is mine, but there the resemblance stops. And I don’t know what it’s supposed to tell me when you picture your shawl on someone 3 and a half feet tall and weighing 65 pounds.

Just a quibble, I suppose, but please refrain from using your cat or your infant grandson to model your knitted garments.


Janice in GA said...

As someone you uses her dog to model her shawls, I resemble that remark! :)

Of course, my dog gets more compliments than I do anyway.

Marguerite said...

I never thought of using my dogs to model my knitting. What could I possibly knit that would fit them?

I really don't want to know.

-- Jolie said...

Is the picture trying to tell you that what was advertised as a cute "one skein shawl" will turn out to be a "shawlette" or scarf that is so small, only your five-year-old granddaughter will be able to wear it? Like the penny, I think the child might be there for scale.