Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Update

Mr. Pug came home from the hospital yesterday after getting his third stent, this one all the way in the back. It was a day of delays as the procedure was postponed for emergencies. In the end, all went very well and he's home today, surrounded by happy pugs. (Lulu refuses to sleep when he's gone for the night, meaning that she took one look at him, gave him a big kiss, and went to sleep.)

So, since there's no drama, I thought I'd comment on The Day:

How You Know You've Been Together A LO-O-O-O-O-NG Time:

  1. You pick up your Valentines flowers together at Sam's (where you went to buy chicken for the dogs). (Him: Oh, honey, what color do you want for your flowers? )
  2. You forgot it was Valentines Day because you're supposed to be at The Mountain knitting with friends and because you've been hanging out at the hospital for days. Whoops!
  3. You pick up your Valentines card on the run at Kroger. (Me: Oh, honey, while you're shopping I'll run to the card rack.)
  4. The card you pick doesn't have anything at all to do with him but it does have a great picture on the front of PUGS.)
  5. But it's the Perfect Card and you can't wait for him to see it because he'll think so too.
  6. You spend Valentines Day doing the taxes.
  7. You can't print out the tax return because he's put the power cord for the printer somewhere REALLY safe.
  8. But it's all okay because you're doing it together.
Happy Valentines Day, Mr. P

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Sheri said...

So glad to hear Mr. Pug is doing better. Jeesh, sorry I didn't respond sooner but I kept forgetting my password. Need to write all my passwords over into a little book like your Mom's so when I travel I don't have to constantly change them.

Your Valentine's Day sounded just like ours. And he gets pug cards for everything, but he knows he has to return them to me. :o)

Stay well Mr. Pug, and Mrs. Pug, I love your posts.