Sunday, December 27, 2009

You Know Christmas Is Over When ....

Woo hoo! December 27 -- we survived the dreaded Christmas. Not without scars, but we survived.

In the Pug household, you know Christmas is over when ...

  • The Grinch is gone and ... Snoopy's in the house!

  • The top tier of lights on the Christmas tree went out this morning.
  • Buddy and Lulu have already destroyed one of their new puggy toys that Santa brought.
  • Lucy is too cool to play with toys (but this isn't because it's Christmas--she's always too cool for toys).
  • Mr. Pug has lost the gift card he got in Charlotte.
  • We can't take pictures of any of the turmoil because, though we both got new cameras for Christmas, neither of us has figured out how to use them yet.
  • Daughter #1 has already called to say that Target won't take back the duplicate gift she got from me (a Foodsaver, if it matters) because I can't find the receipt.
  • Not even for store credit.
  • I've still got things to ship because we didn't get to Virginia ... pooh!
  • I don't even care because I'm so darned glad this flippin' holiday is OVER!

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