Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Surprise

So, you know what this is, right? No, it's not The Blob, although that was a great movie. (Steve McQueen, sometime in the '60s--rent it at Blockbuster if you get a chance. It'll remind you of a kinder, gentler time in our lives when the worst thing we could imagine happening to us was being pursued and devoured by a giant, oozing blob of sticky stuff. And how bad could it be if you had a guy who looked like Steve McQueen with you when it happened?).

It's an almost ready for the buttonholes Baby Surprise Jacket. The yarn is some Claudia's Handpainted Sportweight that Arlene of Needlenook had on sale (thank you, Arlene--I wish I'd bought more now!), and it's truly wonderful to work with. Well, I have two quibbles--first off, of course it's not superwash and God only knows how the new mother who gets burdened with it will treat it. (Not that that would be anyone's fault but mine--I simply fell in love with the yarn and with the colors!) And second, it's going to make a rather SMALL sweater--newborn to six month size at best. So I'm hoping the December baby turns out to be a girl.

My family seems to be multiplying in a way that implies that none of them are affected by the recession. I guess that's a good thing for the future of the species--we just go ahead and keep procreating even when our intellects are saying, "oh my god, how am I going to pay for all that formula not to mention college?"

Anyway, there seem to be three babies on the imminent horizon--September, October and December. No, not my daughters--I think they've finally got the baby thing out of their systems. No, it's the cousins and nieces and nephews. (By the way, you know you're REALLY old when you look around at a family wedding and realize you're the oldest one there from your side of the family--not a pretty moment at all. Darn you, Connie, for not coming to that wedding--that would really have helped my self-esteem!)

Anyway, for some reason I'm obsessed by the BSJ. This is my second Baby Surprise--do you rmember this blob from last January (2008, that is?)

It turned into this.

So, now I'm on a BSJ kick and every new baby's getting one this year, assuming any of the blobs turn out to be gift material and not just ... blobs.

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