Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some People Love Noro Silk Garden Sock

Let me begin by saying, I love Bad Cat Designs. My first lace knitting experience was a Bad Cat Design

Andrea (Bad Cat) is a genius. More recently, Pat and Ellen finished Bad Cat's Summer Sampler and I wish I had a photo of that--absolutely beautiful.

All of which is a long way around saying that when Andrea introduced a new winter sampler, made of fingering weight yarn and touted as easy-to-complete, low stress, I went right to her blog to get more information. Woo hoo! I'm off lacecation! I'm baaaaaacccckkk ....

OMG! The bloody thing is made of Noro Silk Garden Sock! What fresh hell is this? Bad Cat is consorting with the enemy! Can I stand to do another project with this hellish thing? And, of course, the answer is No...this is not the project that will spring me from lacecation.

On a more positive note, my former love, NSGS, has, as mentioned earlier, gone to a new home, where he is more loved and certainly better taken care of. Jolie has turned him around and he's a new man ... er, yarn. She showed him off on Saturday on the bus to SAFF--he's gone from being a backstabbing, fornicating son of a sea dog ... well, okay, I'm still mad ... into a really beautiful holey sort of a scarf. And as of Saturday night, he was Blue! I'm not saying that there's a trend here, but I will admit that my former spouses seem to be happier once they're shut of me. I guess the trend continues.

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Anonymous said...

good news! you don't have to use noro silk garden and indeed she is knitting another one in something else!