Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Month? How Can That Be?

How is it possible that I haven't posted in a month? Well, cut me some slack. A lot's gone on in that last month. Let's see ...

Well, first, I have a J-O-B. That's right, gainful employment. Well, "gainful" might be pushing it--let's just say there's a paycheck that will be forthcoming in regular intervals. I'm working for a non-profit and those guys like to spread the love around--we'll all pretty much be non-profit together.

But it's a job. The work is challenging in that it's not in my core area of expertise but that challenge is also an opportunity for me to learn some new things. Stop! That last sentence sounded like performance appraisal-speak. You know what I'm talking about, right? When you do a performance appraisal in one of those touchy-feely companies like the one I worked for most recently, we used terms like "opportunity" to mean "he ain't gettin' the job done!" For instance, "Godfrey's failure to come to work on time, or at all, represents an opportunity for him to improve his work commitment." What we meant was, "Godfrey needs to have the opportunity to try unemployment and see how that works for him."

Of course, ultimately, The Big Corporation gave me the opportunity to try out unemployment myself, though it was presented a little differently. "Woofgang, we have nothing but good things to say about you, and your performance has always been exemplary, we've raised your salary to a level that can never be matched by another employer, and we've continued to ask you to work more hours and do more things, some of which you know nothing about, but now we've decided we don't need your function at all. So, good luck with finding the next opportunity. Love you!"

So, anyway, I have a new job and I'm working hard to learn it. The environment couldn't be more different than TBC in some ways--small, intimate, working for the good of others rather than for the enrichment of the stockholders and the executives. In other ways, it feels familiar--it's in the Midtown area where I'm used to working, so I know how to make the commute and find sushi when I start to twitch for it. I'm working with two friends from TBC, so I don't have that new-job disconnect of knowing no one and feeling friendless. I'm even within a very short drive of three or four lovely yarn stores, which isn't necessarily a good thing (see note above about pay status). It will be fine. I'm just in a heavy learning curve mode right now, which is performance appraisal-speak for "she don't have a clue what the heck she's doin'."

More later, once I figure out what the heck is happening.

In other news, we have a new baby in the family--one without fur, thank you. Grandniece Ruby was born on April 22 and photos will be forthcoming in time. In the meantime, let's just say she's gorgeous!

By the way, a final word (somewhat tongue in cheek). It makes me laugh when my friends say, semi-accusingly but mostly seriously, "why haven't you written anything in your blog? I checked your blog, and there's nothing new. I know you have a new job and are going to school and just came back from a trip and haven't slept in about a month and are suffering periodic anxiety attacks, but where's the update?"

Now, mind you, most of these folks never even heard the word "blog" until about a year ago, and now they want to know why it's not up to the minute. Next, they'll be wondering why I didn't text them with updates or post my antics on YouTube! But, thanks guys, for caring. I appreciate you being there. Really, I do. And get ready for those text messages.

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