Thursday, August 16, 2007

Clue 5 Complete!

Wow, I'm only one clue behind, or I will be tomorrow morning when Clue 7 comes out. That may seem like a long way behind (50 rows or so), but today it feels like a major victory over the Dark Lord to be so close, especially after those 11 inches of cats paws.

I can see where this is going, I think, and I'm fascinated. Clue 6 takes us to the edge of the 21 stitch side border and we'll have about 150 stitches on the needle. I'm guessing we'll be doing a border along the wing, picking up 1 stitch on every other row (or would we have to pick up 2?) Hmmm....that's why Melanie's the designer and I'm the knitter, I guess.

I'm still wavering on the question of the wing, but I'm so in awe of Melanie's skills at designing this pattern at all, and I'm so excited to be so much farther ahead with my lace knitting skills as a result of knitting this pattern, that none of that matters. I have a huge collection of patterns and (since this KAL) a growing supply of lace yarn. Now I feel I might actually be competent to knit some of those patterns.

It's funny how I never even knew how incompetent I was. I knew I was inexperienced and I knew I wasn't comfortable with the chart reading and I'd never attempted such a big project. But I didn't realize what a complete ninny I was until I started MS3. I'm so grateful to have had the group to work alongside on this project. It's always nice to have someone else ask the really dumb (you think) question that you're too embarrassed to ask!


shortoldlady said...

Your stole is lovely! The coloring really pops! Keep those pictures coming for us slow-bees.

ddknits said...

It looks so beautiful! I'm still on clue 3, but I'll get to the wing one of these days. That Big Sock is stealing my MS3 time.

Romi said...

Very pretty!