Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Knitting Weekend

I have to work. I mean, there's no doubt about it. I'm going to be working until I have to commute on a walker. I have to work--cannot live without the paycheck, cannot begin to think about living without the paycheck.

But, I really want to knit. And two days a week aren't enough, especially when you have to do things like shop for groceries, hang out at Costco looking at vacuum cleaners with the semi-spouse, cook, and do other things that aren't fiber-related. All right, I did those things this weekend, but I also had some great knit opportunities. A good thing.

Dinner with friends (knit friends) on Saturday night. Although I've been to this friend's home many times, it was the first opportunity for the semi-spouse to hang out there, with other knitters and their spice. So, first of all, my friend and her husband have a beautiful home and I knew he would love it--on the water with a beautiful Florida room to sit and look over the water while you knit. (Oh, you mean you could do other things there, too? Read? Crossword puzzles? I suppose so, but why?) Anyway, I knew he would love the room, and maybe it would inspire him to build our very-much-smaller not-on-the-water screened porch. I can hope, can't I? And they have a dog for him to play with him. What more could anyone ask from an evening?

Second, while their home is absolutely lovely, beautifully decorated, it is not one of those precious homes with everything in its place. So I knew it would not be lost on the semi-spouse that there is a liberal sprinkling of fiber all over--a knitting project on a table, a bag of yarn on the floor by a chair, knitting books on the coffee table. Normal, right? And, give him credit, he got it, with only a little prodding from me. (See, honey? Other people have yarn around and it's fine!)

Finally, we knit. And that made it just about perfect.

On Sunday, I had thought I would get to church because another knitting friend had invited me to join her--her husband is the minister and the guest speaker was a pretty famous college football coach. That would have been fun but for various reasons, it didn't work out. So I went directly to our guild Shop Hop knit-in at Only Ewe and Cotton Too, a wonderful shop in Alpharetta.

I hadn't been there before, since it's quite a way from my home and when we lived in that direction, the shop wasn't there yet. The owner is one of our shop members and she and her husband are delightful people. We had quite a few guild members and there were a bunch of other customers knitting there, and it was great. Sat with some new (to me) people and had a wonderful time.

While I was there, I cast on a sock for Emma or Kerrigan--there will be two pairs of identical socks and there's no telling which one this was.

It went very quickly (Fixation yarn) and will be very cute with the Monica tops I want to make this spring.

Finally, yesterday (and yes, I know Monday isn't officially part of the weekend but I can dream, can't I?), another guild member and I met with a team from TNNA (The National Needlearts Association), a couple of local shop owners, and the Atlanta Braves about Stitch n Pitch. The Atlanta date is July 15 and I'll be on the organizing team. Should be lots of fun! And hot. Did I mention hot? We did get the Braves to rethink the seating they were putting aside for us and give us some shaded seats. July 15 in Hotlanta? Hot.


bavgirltesting said...
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Claudia said...

HAH - I found you! Now, I will be a regular. I like your blog and happy belated birthday to the pugs - too cute! Had fun on Saturday and it seems (that's was I was told anyway) that the "better" halves had fun, too :-)