Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Little Breathing Room

Well, one of my big deliverables for work has been completed, presented, and signed off on. My group (all 4 of us) delivered three Six Sigma projects on Friday--one of them was my own, I was the process owner in the other two. Our deadline was Tuesday the 12th, then the decision was made to close them all on Friday the 8th. Bad news, I didn't have this weekend to work on finalizing it; good news, I was done with it by noon on Friday and haven't had to do anything on it this weekend.

So, I've been lazing and knitting. I got very little sleep last week--most days did not leave the office until quite late and then went in early to get this project (on the ergonomics of our office workstations if you care) done. Thursday night I even missed going to the monthly guild meeting because I just couldn't take the time. Since I'm the president this year, that was sort of a bummer. The December meeting is one of two big meetings (May general meeting and elections is the other) we hold each year. It's a big potluck with lots of good food, and we turn over our teddy bears to the local police department for use with abused kids. Hated missing it!
It turned out that there was a huge traffic jam that caused a 2-hour gridlock that I would have been caught in. I guess it worked out right. I would really have been pissed if I'd missed it because I was stuck in one of Atlanta's famous traffice jams!
Knitting away on the front of Cooper's gansey. The sweater is supposed to have his initials on the front but I knit it twice and hated the way it looked, so frog, frog, and no initials. Stockinette will be fine. He's one--it really won't matter to him! Anyway, back and both sleeves are done so I'm on the downhill slope on that one.
And I started the semi-spouse's Christmas scarf today while watching football. (Positive - Falcons wons. Negative - Panthers and Redskins lost) The pattern is from Lion Brand, a reversible cable scarf. So far so good--no problems with the pattern. And it's one of those cable patterns that, as soon as you figure out how often to turn the cables (every 8 rows), it just flows on its own. The yarn is 1824 washable worsted and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's soft and feels good but I've found one big knot and 3 or 4 rough places that I wasn't expecting with this yarn. I'm sort of dissappointed but it's been a great opportunity to practice my spit splice!

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